30 Maret 2016


Pelaspas Dharmawangsa is a place at Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta area. You can find some cafes here, they're a But First Coffee, Taco Local, SNCTRY, etc  If you're having a problem finding it, Bao Ji is located next to Plataran Darmawangsa and both are located on Dharmawagsa Raya street. I love this petite cafe with a good natural lighting nearby the mini bar. The interior was smart mixture of retro, chinese heritage and indonesian, they were such a beautiful combination. 

Green Thai Milk Tea IDR 25.000,-

I found the Iced Green Thai Milk Tea was very refreshing! Generally talking, it's lovely balance of  sweetness, the milk and the green tea taste. I had no problem or complaint about it because all well blended with IDR 25.000,- only, very affordable price in this size. Recommended to order!:) 

Panko Belly IDR 60.000,-

Actually it's a pretty presentation of a deep fried pork belly with purple dressing from taro puree. But, it's not my favourite dish,

Roast Pork Belly IDR 39.000,-

I would say I like their Roast Pork Belly. Steamed bun with roast pork belly, cracklings, hoisin and goma dressings. It's toasted perfectly, it's soft, but still has lil bit of chewiness. The roast pork belly was tender with crispy pork crackers and hoisin sauce. Overall taste was great. 

Overall, I had a good experience with a yummy steamed bun pork belly, fast service, decor was chic and prices are reasonable. Really good. and I'll definitely go back for craving a light meal.:)

Pelaspas Dharmawangsa Building
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 4
South Jakarta
Ph : (021) - 93380436
Closed on Tuesday

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