25 Juni 2016


Nice to know that "Arasseo" isn't located in crowded Senopati area (Cacaote and etc), but it's located one area with  "Pao Pao Bar & Dimsum", so it's more easy for parking. The first entering, it's all designed with white Scandinavian aesthetics and it felt like you're entering into the cave. Actually, it's designed a bit too simple but still lil bit artistic too. 

Radler Beer IDR 40.000,-
Oh My Gyu IDR 80.000,-

Although I ordered this Gyutan without chili, it's still pretty yummm! It's easily felt in love with how tender and flavorful the ox tongue rice bowl is. That's why more and more Gyutan Don serving eateries are popping up all over Jakarta.

Bulgogi IDR 90.000,-

It contains of stir fried marinated beef, with sweet potato vermicelli. Bulgogi was served on hot plate in big portion to share. The beef was tender and the taste was balance out the sweetness.

Jl. Senopati No. 16. South Jakarta
Ph: (021) - 27510187

21 Juni 2016


I've visited this place in last April 2016. Actually, my first visited here in January 2014, when it's an old eatery before, that known as "Yumm Thai." From casual Thai dining area turned into vintage homey eatery. I love this concept with a bigger capacity that divided into indoor and outdoor area. Shortly to say, when you come here it's just like eating at your granny's house because the ambiance is supported with old furnitures and tablewares.

They don't only serve food but also provide for many kinds of jam, chocolate, tea, honey, soap, handy-craft and many more small displays. You can find out more on the second floor by visiting "Temple Trees." 

English Breakfast IDR 25.000,-

Sunset Eve Mocktail IDR 35.000,-

Hydrate and refresh my thirsty with one glass of "Sunset Eve". Orange juice, pineapple and grenadine mixed together! It's just perfect to beat your sunny day in Jakarta.:)

Risoles Sri Lanka IDR 35.000,-

Let's had this appetizer first! It's not like another risoles that sold mostly outside. Yummy beef and vegetable spring rolls inside the risoles. Love it!

Nasi Ayam Betutu IDR 55.000,-

Chicken Baked in Balinese spices, 2 kinds of satay, mixed spicy vegetables, sambal matah tongkol and sambal Bali. All these delights were served in one plate. Sambal matah would be a perfect eating companion as well. Never fail to satisfy my craving of Balinese food.:) 

Oxtail Soup IDR 80.000,-

Beef oxtail soup served with rice, green chili paste and crackers.  Big chunk and tender oxtail with a warm perfect broth, definitely a good choice for lunch!

Overall, this place surpassed my expectation. All the foods and beverages that I ordered at the time were good. The service was really nice and fast. Talking about the price, definitely worthed.:) Surely come back for next visit and looking forward for another menu that I haven't tried before.

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 66
Kebayoran Baru  - South Jakarta
Ph: (021) - 7261129
Website : www.cubbyholeindo.com

4 Mei 2016


Welcoming...'Doppio Coffee' as a new coffee shop in Monginsidi area nearby Senopati area.:) Besides 'Kanawa Coffee', I have to say this is my new favourite coffee shop in Senopati area! It's easy to find out, just driving slowly before KFC Gunawarman and you'll find 'Doppio Coffee' at Bintara Building on the right side.  Love the ambiance with good natural lighting, high ceiling, some long wooden tables and enough capacity. :) The other plus point is quite easy to find a parking spot here.

Hot Cappucinno IDR 40.000,-

Loved their cappuccino as it was strong espresso with good ratio of milk and foam. You can enjoy it with one piece of cookie as the companion.

Doppio Cube IDR 45.000,-

Coffee ice cube poured with fresh milk. It works simply well when the fresh milk blends well with the bitterness of the coffee ice cubes. 

Hot Green Tea Latte IDR 40.000,-

It was too milky than green tea flavour in my opinion, but still alright. Love the sweetness.:D

Brownies Oreo IDR 28.000,-

Fluffy rich chocolate, oreo and nut in one slice of brownie . Very rich but tempting. One bite and I was hooked. It was very nice when I mixed it with my cappuccino. LOVE it! :)

I think 'DoppioCoffee' is a nice addition for coffee lovers in Senopati area. It is like your neighbourhood coffee shop, where you can just drop by before or after work to have a sip of good coffee, while also having some quick bites of foods and desserts from their menu.:) 

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 43
Bintara Building, South Jakarta
IG : @doppiocoffee_jkt
Opening Hours : Sun - Fri : 07.00 - 22.00
                             Sat           : 07.00 - 24.00