31 Maret 2015


In the end of March, I've a new pretty eatery to visit! This new comer's named 'SPUMANTE.' So, last Wednesday I had my brunch at there. Nice to know that this place's located at Jl. Gondangdia, next to Anomali Coffee, Menteng. This place has been open since one week ago. It still soft opening and during this period they only accept cash payment

This place's big enough with two areas : indoor for non smoking area and outdoor area. I prefer to had my lunch inside,  I love their pretty interior & vintage couches with different types. :) At the moment, I met with friendly woman, her name's Ika (if i'm not wrong remember her name), she told me that at the first time, she just want to opened coffee shop, but at the end it changed to eatery that serve breakfast menu. As we know that Menteng area still lack of breakfast spot.  But during now they just open until 7 pm on Friday & Saturday, Sunday - Thursday just open from 8 am - 5 pm, hmmm..too early closed -_-! But hopefully, they'll open longer soon after they could organize the employees in two shifts :)
Outdoor for Smoking Area

Iced Lemon Tea IDR 28.000,-

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 33.000,-

Eggs Your Way IDR 65.000,-

Just an ordinary brunch menu with eggs any style, sausages, beef bacon, toast, and mixed salad. It's small portion, so better choose the 'Big Breakfast' if you want with big portion. It's more complete with potato rosti with toast, butter & jam , mozzarella cheese, grilled tomatoes, and sauteed mushroom also. 

Wild Mushroom Soup IDR 55.000,-

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I LOVE this fresh mix mushroom blended with touch of double cream and garlic slice. SO YUMMM...just can't get enough of this one. 

Caesar Salad IDR 72.000,-

Yes, caesar salad for my healthy brunch's always a good idea!:) It's pretty good, love the dressing also. Romaine lettuce with caesar dressing topped with boiled egg and grilled chicken in one plate. :)  

Shrimp Aglio E Olio IDR 75.000,-

AOP is always being my first option.:D So, i've tried this pasta tossed with garlic, basil, chilli, shrimps that served with a slice of garlic bread.   It's good enough & tasty but it should be in a bigger portion.;) 

GOOD JOB for 'SPUMANTE' . Pretty eatery, cozy ambience, pleasant service, yummy food, and I love you more because your strategic location in Menteng area. ;D I'll come back soon again for my third visit to try the Quiche Mushroom & some sweet treats. :) Be noted guys! GET 20% OFF dine-in only until 18th April 2015. So, visit soon this pretty new comer, guys!

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 50
(Next to Anomali Coffee)
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
RSVP : (021) - 3106188
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 8 am - 5 pm
Friday - Saturday : 8 am - 7 pm

24 Maret 2015

POBLANO - Mexican Grill

If you're looking for quick serve healthy food, YES...this's it! You should try this Mexican Grill by 'POBLANO'.  Just a simple interior, not too spacious and simply menu. They only serve Burrito, Taco, Burrito Bowl and Salad Bowl. So, you just need to order & choose your favorite filling for your meal. I can see how they serve in their open kitchen concept. 

At the time, i'm looking for Taco! So far, Taco Local,Panglima Polim still my favorite one.:) Taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. A taco can be made with a variety of fillings, including vegetables, chicken, beef, pork/carnitas, seafood and cheese. A taco is generally eaten accompanied by avocado or guacamole, minced beef, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. 

Open Kitchen Concept

Choose Your Favorite Filling
Healthy Late Dinner

Beef Salad Bowl IDR 75.000,-

Carnitas Tacos IDR 69.000,-

Overall, they serve a good enough Mexican Grill. Most importantly it doesn’t leave you feeling guilty because you know you’re eating healthy food, guys!;) 

Pasific Place Mall Lv 5 Unit 60
Phone : (021) - 57973199
Open everyday 10 am - 10 pm

23 Maret 2015


Hello! I'm excited when i'm writing about this beautiful 'Blue Jasmine', another pretty restaurant that serve Indo Orient Cuisine with reasonable price. 'Blue Jasmine' has been opened since three months ago, mid December 2014. It's located at Jl. Kyai Maja, South Jakarta across the Taman Puring. 

The dining area separated into two areas: indoor for non smoking area and outdoor for smoking area. It's such a lovely place! I love the interior, ambience, fragrance, yeayy...too much I love it except the parking area although they give us free valet service.

YES! Classy elegant interior at indoor area with artificial flower on each table. As you know guys, I've found many pretty fresh flowers in the toilet, so almost every corner of this place accompanied by flowers. :D

Outdoor For Smoking Area

Jasmine Lychee Iced Tea IDR 40.000,- 

Hmmm...less than my expectations! I know its dominant jasmine, so I prefer if they served Lychee Jasmine Iced Tea with dominant Lychee flavour, hehe...;)

English Breakfast Tea IDR 35.000,-

Gado - Gado Rujak Pengantin IDR 45.000,-

Delish vegetables with fried tofu, boiled eggs and Rujak Pengantin dressing in one plate. It's huge enough portion to share. :) But I think they should added more peanut dressing into the Gado-Gado. 

Nasi Goreng Bebek IDR 85.000,-

This fried rice served with fried duck slices on the top , 'emping' and 'acar' on separated small plate. This 'Nasgor Bebek' should be to shared with three persons.

Ayam Panggang Bumbu Rujak IDR 75.000,-

Huge portion of half grilled chicken. Yummy, tasty, but  love it moreeee if more spicy & served with super spicy 'SAMBEL'. :)

Overall. it's a pleasant late lunch at 'Blue Jasmine'. They served a quite good food with affordable price & cozy ambience. :) Surely come back again to try another chef's signature dishes or maybe just try their traditional dessert like 'Es Kacang', 'Pandan Velvet Cake', and 'Fried Bananas' ;) So, make sure that 'Blue Jasmine' on your weekend list to visit, guys!

The Maja Building G-01
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 39
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
RSVP : (021) - 29053990
IG : @bluejasminejkt