5 Mei 2015


I've found this new pasta eatery in Kemang area. Yes..'Pastificio-K' is under same management with 'KOI Kemang' and as we know that 'KOI' serve a good taste!:)  It's just opened since few months ago in this year. It's easy to find because still same location nearby 'KOI Kemang' and 'Anomali Coffee Kemang'. 

First Floor Dining Area

Second Floor Dining Area

Just a little space eatery which's separated in two area, first and second floor. YES! Never get bored with white interior. It's designed with simply design with white dominant. I love how they set this place with black & white chair,  B&W artwork sketches on the wall and on each table accompanied with yellow flower. But i think the song should be changed because at the time it's playing middle east song. :p Yayy.. I love Mid East song too but not at this pasta eatery, it doesn't match, huh?!

You can order dry and freshly made pasta by grams such as ravioli, maccheroni, conchiglie, tagliatelle, pipe rigate, gigli, gnocchi, and spaghettini.  All your order to be cooked with various selection of sauces such as bolognese, beef ragu, pesto, aglio olio, blue cheese, pesto, rosemary butter, anchovies butter and many more . Besides that, you can add more topping like various kinds of vegetables, cheese and mushrooms. So, just make it your own pasta!:) 

Gnocchi Cooked with Blue Cheese Cream & Mushroom

In the culinary arts, the word 'gnocchi' (pronounced "NYO-kee") refers to a type of Italian dumplings made from potatoes and flour. The word "gnocchi" means "dumplings" in Italian. The potatoes are steamed or boiled, then peeled and passed through a potato ricer or food mill. Gnocchi should be light and fluffy, like little pillows, rather then dense and chewy. I love this one. it's a good texture of gnocchi, tasty blue cheese sauce and mushrooms, no need to add more salt and black pepper. :) 

Whole Wheat Tagliatelle Cooked with Pak Choi & Parmesan Cheese 

Hmmm..it's not my favorite. Below than my high expectation, it's too dry and not really tasty, maybe it's should be cooked with other sauce.:( 

Overall, it's good alternative if you're a pasta addict because 'Pastificio-K' served homemade pasta produced by KOI's pasta machine with very reasonable price. Sorry forgot to keep the bill, guys!:p So, i just remember that the bill surprisingly cheap because it still below than IDR 200.000,- :)

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72
South Jakarta
Ph: (021) - 71957104

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