26 Oktober 2015


'Red Blanc' is the latest join at MOI area, Kelapa Gading as a new comer coffee shop. As we know that previously existed are 'Coffee Tree', 'TOF Sicacilla' and 'I Hate Monday'. I've visited here since 1.5 months ago. Actually it's quite easy to find out because still in the same row with 'Coffee Tree'.

Just a short review because I just tried the coffee at the time, they didn't provide other snacks or desserts also because still a new comer, hmmm...maybe it's just opened around 1 week ago.hehehe. As a coffee geek, their coffee is not my favourite type of coffee beans. One of their barista told me that they have a typically burned coffee beans and mixed with syrup flavour. So, maybe that's why I felt my coffee's burned and bitter. 

Coffee is generally either medium roasted, dark roasted, or burned. When coffee beans are medium roasted, the full range of their abundant and satisfying flavors is brought out.  When coffee beans are dark roasted, they lose much of their subtle flavor but attain a deep richness that some enjoy, for example, in espresso.  When coffee beans are burned, it remains is bitter.

Besides their taste of coffee, I LOVE how they decor this coffee shop. It's quite big spacious with two floors and available a small private room for meeting with transparent door. I just can't get enough to captured all the corners at the time and THANKS sunshine for your beautiful lighting on our table.:D 

Hot Cappuccino IDR 35.000,-

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 35.000,-

Overall i love this place besides the burned coffee beans. Maybe should try the Korean Bakery or another beverages on my next visit.:)

MOI Ruko Italian Walk Blok B No. 48 A
Kelapa Gading. North Jakarta

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