6 April 2016


If you find a tiny cozy place in south Jakarta area has been generally, even you can find a tiny spot with a separate toilet outside of the building.  That's why I always impressed with many tiny places in south Jakarta because you don't need a big space to make a cozy cafe.:D It just depends on how creative you design and decorate the place. 

A lil bit of surprise, when I've found a tiny 'ARAI Bakeshop" in Kelapa Gading area from Instagram, I was immediately curious with this place. Yes, when I first saw from outside, it's a tiny cute place with capacity approximately for five - six persons. You just need to be slowly because you could easily miss when passing this petite bakeshop, guys! 'ARAI Bakeshop'  might be petite but I won't use the word "cute" to describe it because I love the ambiance about it, there's something very simply, chic and unique about it. One of the most I liked it also because it's easy to get a nice photos with a bright natural lighting and white dominant. But, it would be a good idea if they replace the white tiles to polished concrete flooring like gray or charcoal colour.:) 

Cookies IDR 13.500,-

Fresh baked cookies are available here. They have some variety : Cornflakes marshmallow, sugar confetti and matcha white chocolate. Pick up your favourite one!;) 

Iced Chai Tea Latte IDR 25.000,-

Chai is a term used to refer to black tea throughout South Asia. In India, the word chai tends to mean a black tea blended with a mixture of warm spices like cardamom and cinnamon. In the Western world, chai has come to mean a beverage spiced with the warm spices found in the Indian version of the tea. Yes, I'm a BIG fan on 'Masala Indian Tea', so i've tried this 'Iced Chai Thai Latte' at the time, basically it's pretty good but I thought that too much ice inside became a lil bit tasteless, so next time I prefer the 'Hot Chai Thai Latte.'

Chicken Ginger Rice IDR 35.000,-

Here they don't serve many variety of main courses, they just provide breakfast and brunch menus like 'Arai Breakfast' (toasted whole wheat bread with sauteed chicken basil, mushroom, spinach and sunny fried egg), 'Chicken Ginger Rice', 'Spaghetti Classic Tomato Sauce' (spaghetti with homemade fresh garlic tomato sauce and smoked beef). 

At the moment I've tried their 'Chicken Ginger Rice', it's sauteed chicken breast in ginger and cumin sauce, they served it with warm rice and put sunny fried egg on the top. I feel that 'Chicken Ginger Rice' has done a good job creating a brunch menu that offers a good taste, worthy portion and affordable price.;)

Chocolate Swiss Roll IDR 15.000,-

If you just craving for light bites like cookies and cakes, this 'Chocolate Swiss Roll' could be a good option for you. It's similar with chiffon cake texture, light, soft, and balance sweetness with whipped cream inside. Actually the roll cakes available in two versions, another one is 'Matcha Swiss Rolls', but please be noted that Matcha only available on Thursday until Sunday. So, hopefully I could try 
Matcha Rolls on another day.;) 

Overall, I just can say that you don't need a big space for having an intimate catch up. A petite 'ARAI Bakeshop & Brunch' could be another good option, guys! PS...I thought that the owner of 'ARAI Bakeshop & Brunch' have a GOOD sense of photograph, I REALLY LOVE all the feeds on their Instagram.:) :) :) LOVE the simplicity and white dominant. 

Jl. Gading Elok Utara Raya FC 2 / 10A
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Ph : 0878.8594.7804
Opening Hours : Tue - Thurs  9 am - 5 pm
                              Fri - Sun      12 pm - 8 pm
                              Monday Closed

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