25 Februari 2015

BUN N BITE - A Big Fan of Burger

Hello! Nice to know that 'BunNBite' is located in Kelapa Gading. :) As we know that lately increasingly a cozy place to hang out in Kelapa Gading. Actually, i'm not a big fan of Burger or any junk food, but still curious with this one. So, I had my brunch today at this place. It's quite easy to find because it's located at strategic area Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading. Yes, it's located next to 'Snowy Beer' or as we knew familiar with 'Bier & Flugel'. 'BunNBite' and 'Bier & Flugel' are the same owner and management.

STRIPED Day Out. lol

This place already opened since last year, 2014. My first stepped into this place, it feels such a cozy place. Just a small area but love how they decor this place with painting on the wall & wooden furnish. You'll find an open kitchen also, so we could see them serving the foods. 

Non Smoking Dining Area

Art on The Wall

Apple Crumble IDR 32.000,-

Smoking Dining Area

Mini Bar Area  

TAC-O-Burger IDR 55.000,-

Many variaous of burgers, but i've tried their TAC-O-Burger, yes..double patty filled in crispy taco shells served with lettuce & cheese.  I prefer their fusion burger-taco than bun because its lighter for my dinner!;)  It's a juicy beef patty & the portion's quite enough for me, DELISH! This one's served with salty french fries also. 

Truffle Fries IDR 38.000,-
( garlic, grated cheese & truffle oil )

Shro Omelette IDR 28.000,-
( sauteed mushrooms, onions & cheese )  

They have the other various omelettes : Plain (hives & cheese), Tangy (bell peppers, onions & cheese) and O-Meat (beef bacon, sausage chunks & cheese). Just an ordinary omelette but it's quite satisfied my hungry tummy. :)

Grilled Chicken Salad IDR 35.000,-

Love this delish salad mixed with mesclon greens, grilled chicken breast served with honey mustard dressing. It's such a delish light meal, right?!

Iced Lychee Tea IDR 28.000,-

Avocado Milkshake IDR 35.000,-
Nutella Milkshake IDR 35.000,-

They have many variants of Milkshakes : Matcha, Oreo, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Avocado & Nutella Milkshake. I prefer Nutella Milkshake because sweeter & more tasty than Avocado.  

They're open everyday from 8 am, so..'BunNBite' is recommended for having your breakfast until your late dinner. One of the cozy place in Kelapa Gading with good food & fast service. Surely comeback to try the other various of burgers!

Boulevard Raya Blok WD2/10
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Phone : (021) - 4531958 / 45850279
Opening Hours : 8 am - 1 am

18 Februari 2015


Wohoo..finally, there's a south Jakarta ambience in Kelapa Gading! As we know, mostly those artisan coffee places seem to be concentrated in South Jakarta. YES, this new comer's named 'Tons of Flour For Sicacilla', but let me called this 'Sicacilla' only!:) 'Sicacilla' has been open since January 21st but still in soft opening. This place's quite easy to find because it's located at Kelapa Gading Square-MOI. Today's my second visit to this place. My first visit was on last Saturday but almost full house, so I couldn't take more photos with that crowded ambience. 

'Sicacilla' is owned by couple, Mr. Erik Onggowidjojo & Ms. Yosica Pricilla! Guys, I met with them when my first & second visit. Both of them are very friendly & humble couple. :) 

Look at these signature tarts by 'Sicacilla', there are Choco Banana, Cheese Cake, Green Tea, Peanut Butter,  and Lemon Tart with Marshmallow. Besides that they served brunch menu also like Bagel , Pea & Chick, etc.

Detail of Signature Tarts

If you're not a BIG FAN of Tarts, you should try their other cakes like Chocolate Chip Muesli Bar and Blueberry Friand!:D 

Choco Banana Tart IDR 18.000,-
Cheese Cake Tart IDR 18.000,-

YES, this Choco Banana Tart became my favourite. Actually, i don't really like any type of cakes that containing bananas, but I love this one because the banana & chocolate flavors are balanced. 

Red Velvet Latte IDR 32.000,-

Skip for my favourite Hot Cafe Latte! Today, i've tried this pretty 'Red Velvet Latte'. A vibrant red and rich mocha latte fills my cup.

Hot Cappuccino IDR 32.000,- by using Tanamera beans

Taro Latte IDR 32.000,-

Just pretty with its latte art and eye-catching purple colour! But I prefer 'Red Velvet Latte' than this one because i'm not a big fan of Taro. ;)

Such a Pretty Latte Art

Finally, I can enjoy a good coffee with cozy ambience without having to travel more than 7 km from my home. Definitely would be comeback to try their brunch menu & other cakes also!:) I'm waiting for your Grand Opening soon 'Sicacilla' 

Italian Walk B43 (nearby Lobby 8-MOI)
Kelapa Gading Square
Soft Opening : Tues - Sun 10 am - 9 pm

17 Februari 2015


Ooops..almost forgot to repost about 'Mix Diner & Florist'.;) Actually, this visited has been two weeks ago with my sister. It's quite easy to reached this place. If you come from Rasuna Said Kuningan, just straight until the first traffic lights of Tendean & Mampang and just turn left entry to SPBU Bestindo Mampang (nearby Amaris Hotel). 

Vintage Pictures on The Wall

This place is owned by four friends who had hobbies of culinary & florist.  The most unique of this place because they served Indomie that's almost similar to the packaging, we called 'MieMirip.' There are three flavors of 'MieMirip', they're 'MieMirip Kari Ayam' , 'MieMirip Ayam Bawang', & 'MieMirip Goreng'

Detail of Indomie Goreng

I wouldn't say this dish is the best one, but i LOVE the pretty presentation of 'MieMirip Goreng'. It served with sunny side up, shrimp, tomato slices & peas. 

Indomie Selerakuuuu ^-^  IDR 20.000,-

Just a shortly review because as we know that Indomie never fail to fulfill our hungry tummy, right?!:) You need to come to this place if curious with their pretty presentation of 'MieMirip' although I knew that all of us could cook better 'Indomie' :)  

Jl. Kapten Tendean No. 34
SPBU Bestindo Mampang
Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan
CP : 0877.7788.3506
Closed every Monday

6 Februari 2015


Well, Hello AGAIN to a newly open coffee shop in town! Last week I went to 'WOOT Coffee' and this last Wednesday I had 'WATT Coffee' as my review, what a simple but unique name!;) 

Yes, 'WATT' just opened since end of January 2015. This place's owned by Mr. Alfred Agus.  So HAPPY when i knew that 'WATT Coffee' is located at Kwitang Raya because as we know that mostly the nice coffee shops are located at South Jakarta. Finally, I had another alternative coffee shop besides 'GIYANTI'. 

Just arrived at 'WATT' and we're greeted friendly with the Baristas. As usual, Hot Cafe Latte & Cappucino as my order. Hmm..but coffee's incomplete without cake! So, we ordered their signature Croissant Butter Pudding as the barista's recommendation. Thank GOD It's Wednesday because not too crowded, so we could take many photos comfortably. :) 

They Used Tanamera's Beans

Industrial Concept Interior

LOVE the ambience with industrial concept which using light bulbs, pipes, and barometers.  Just remind me with Two Hands Full, one of the BEST coffee shop in Bandung. 

A Set of Indulgence = Coffee + Dessert 

Just Sit Back and Drink Coffee :) 

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 30.000,-

Hot Cappuccino IDR 30.000,-

Croissant Butter Pudding  IDR 28.000,-

Yummy Pudding, not too sweet and love the topping with cashewnut & choco chips. 

Can't Get Over This Place!;)

Outdoor Area

Just can't get over of 'WATT Coffee',it's such a cozy ambience, good coffee, and absolutely have a pleasant service! Surely on my list for grabbing a GOOD COFFEE!:)

Jln. Kwitang Raya No. 14
Senen, Jakarta Pusat
Website : www.wattcoffee.com
Opening Hours : Mon - Sun 8 am - 8 pm