4 Mei 2016


Welcoming...'Doppio Coffee' as a new coffee shop in Monginsidi area nearby Senopati area.:) Besides 'Kanawa Coffee', I have to say this is my new favourite coffee shop in Senopati area! It's easy to find out, just driving slowly before KFC Gunawarman and you'll find 'Doppio Coffee' at Bintara Building on the right side.  Love the ambiance with good natural lighting, high ceiling, some long wooden tables and enough capacity. :) The other plus point is quite easy to find a parking spot here.

Hot Cappucinno IDR 40.000,-

Loved their cappuccino as it was strong espresso with good ratio of milk and foam. You can enjoy it with one piece of cookie as the companion.

Doppio Cube IDR 45.000,-

Coffee ice cube poured with fresh milk. It works simply well when the fresh milk blends well with the bitterness of the coffee ice cubes. 

Hot Green Tea Latte IDR 40.000,-

It was too milky than green tea flavour in my opinion, but still alright. Love the sweetness.:D

Brownies Oreo IDR 28.000,-

Fluffy rich chocolate, oreo and nut in one slice of brownie . Very rich but tempting. One bite and I was hooked. It was very nice when I mixed it with my cappuccino. LOVE it! :)

I think 'DoppioCoffee' is a nice addition for coffee lovers in Senopati area. It is like your neighbourhood coffee shop, where you can just drop by before or after work to have a sip of good coffee, while also having some quick bites of foods and desserts from their menu.:) 

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 43
Bintara Building, South Jakarta
IG : @doppiocoffee_jkt
Opening Hours : Sun - Fri : 07.00 - 22.00
                             Sat           : 07.00 - 24.00 

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