3 November 2015


Finally, i've found a good coffee in Senopati area. As we know that, almost once a month, there's always a new spot to visit in Senopati but still hard to find a good coffee. This place's already opened since August 29th 2015 and still in soft opening period when i came at the first time. This place is the right next to "Crematology". Yes, both of them are the coffee shop but "Crematology" is not my type of coffee, so...since i've tried "Kanawa Coffee", hmm..shortly to say that their coffee has stolen my heart.:) 

Talking about this place. Actually, it's quite big with first floor for non smoking area and the second floor for smoking area. But, the  atmosphere and the minimalist design is not my favourite because it feels empty in this room. But besides that, ""Kanawa" has a really good lighting, guys to capture some great photos!: ) Thank to use a glass door and many windows around this area.

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 35.000,-

Iced Caramel Latte IDR 42.000,- 

Both of Hot Latte and Iced Caramel Latte were good! The amount of coffee and milk given was just perfect, I didn't find it too light nor too strong and the caramel flavour really put the effort in balancing everything, at the end, it was GOOD. :)

Matcha Cake IDR 35.000,-

Actually, i'm not a fan of Matcha, but let me try this one and it's good enough for me with a soft texture and not too strong matcha flavour. It's a good choice!:)   

Crepes Apple Crumble IDR 36.000,-

I preferably choose this crepes than matcha cake. It feels SO GOOD as it looks. This one is highly recommended to order. I love the texture, sweet crumble and mix with sour flavour from the apple. All the variety flavour's perfect when added with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. OMG....droolingggg... :(

They're not only serve coffee & cakes, but also provide some breakfast and lunch menu along with several options of cakes. Surely comeback again and  next time maybe I should try their "Seared Beef" for brunch menu.:)

Jl. Suryo No. 23
Senopati, South Jakarta
Opening Hours : Monday - Thursday   09.00 - 22.00
                              Friday - Saturday      09.00 - 24.00
                              Sunday                        07.00 - 22.00
Website : www.coffeekanawa.com

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