27 April 2015


This is another homey coffee shop in Kelapa Gading area. 'Kopium Artisan Coffee' is located in a residential complex, so it's not too easy to find if you're not staying in Kelapa Gading, but you'll find it by using WAZE. :D It's always good when i knew that there's another coffee shop beside of 'TOF Sicacilla' and 'Coffee Tree' in Kelapa Gading. 

Outdoor for Smoking Area

Indoor for Non Smoking Area

'KOPIUM' is located in a regular house with big enough capacity, it's separated with outdoor and indoor area with private room also. Actually, the interior design's quite interesting except the poor lighting because i always love a place with many windows...:D So, it's rather difficult to get a good result photo at indoor area. -_-!

Barista on Duty

Look at on the black board, guys! We could find out more about what's the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. It's such a good idea because the customers who come could get more knowledge about coffee beans besides enjoy a cup of good coffee by 'KOPIUM'. :)

Private Room

Bakmi Ayam Rica

Another good option for breakfast or lunch time! Delish Bakmi Ayam Rica, but it would be more enjoyable if there's extra mushrooms and slightly salty. :D

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 25.000,-

OH YES! It's such a pretty latte art and GOOD latte as its looked.:D Surprisingly, they served a good coffee with affordable price. WORTH TO TRY, guys! FYI...they don't use 'Tanamera' coffee beans because as we know that nowadays most of new eatery & cafe in Jakarta using 'Tanamera'.

Ovomaltine IDR 35.000,-

This Ovomaltine is highly recommended to try on this hot & sunny day, it's very refreshing!hahaha..
Iced Teh Tarik IDR 15.000,-

Now, i'm a coffee addict but still LOVE 'Teh Tarik' also!:D I like the balance between milk and tea flavor. Another good choice if you prefer for non-coffee beverages.

Overall, it's worth to visit if you're looking for good coffee which's set up with martabak or its best seller 'Bakmi Ayam Rica'. THANK to 'KOPIUM' for serving a good coffee with reasonable price.:) Surely comeback to try the 'Martabak'!

Jl. Summagung I A4/11
Kelapa Gading. North Jakarta
Opening Daily : Tue - Sun 7 am - 8pm
IG : @kopiumartisancoffee

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