5 Maret 2015


Yuppp...It's better on sunday than saturday night if you want to hang out in Kemang area because i really hate the traffic madness on saturday night around Kemang. :( Sorry for this late post. Actually, I went to 'Kedai Kopi 89' since 3 weeks ago. :p 

My first time here at the end of 2012, when it's still under the old management by 'Madeline Bistro', but since November 2013 it's changed to  'Kedai Kopi 89'. This place shares the space room with Eileen's showroom of office & home furniture that called 'Decorous'. So, it's not just an ordinary coffee shop as usual, but it looks like a coffee shop with home living gallery. 

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Hot Cafe Latte IDR 22.728,-
Green Tea Crumble Cheese Cake IDR 27.272,-

'Kedai Kopi 89' serves  various kinds of Asian menu like rice & noodle dishes. But, at that time I just ordered their coffee & cake. Their coffee's pretty good, but unfortunately NOT for their dessert (and the cookies also). I'm not a fan of Green Tea but at the time, there's no another options of desserts. They only served this cheese cake. So, i've tried and too bad I even hard to described the taste & texture of this Green Tea Cheese Cake. :( I can't even finished it. Hopefully, next time they'll serve a better cake. 

Hot Cappucino IDR 22.727,-

Overall, it's such a cozy & right place for having your coffee moment or casual meeting with your colleagues, but still not satisfied with the dessert. So, maybe next time, I should come back to try their main dishes.:) 

Kemang 89 Building, 1st Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 89
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: (021) - 71794538
Twitter :@kedaikopi89
Opening Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

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