18 Februari 2015


Wohoo..finally, there's a south Jakarta ambience in Kelapa Gading! As we know, mostly those artisan coffee places seem to be concentrated in South Jakarta. YES, this new comer's named 'Tons of Flour For Sicacilla', but let me called this 'Sicacilla' only!:) 'Sicacilla' has been open since January 21st but still in soft opening. This place's quite easy to find because it's located at Kelapa Gading Square-MOI. Today's my second visit to this place. My first visit was on last Saturday but almost full house, so I couldn't take more photos with that crowded ambience. 

'Sicacilla' is owned by couple, Mr. Erik Onggowidjojo & Ms. Yosica Pricilla! Guys, I met with them when my first & second visit. Both of them are very friendly & humble couple. :) 

Look at these signature tarts by 'Sicacilla', there are Choco Banana, Cheese Cake, Green Tea, Peanut Butter,  and Lemon Tart with Marshmallow. Besides that they served brunch menu also like Bagel , Pea & Chick, etc.

Detail of Signature Tarts

If you're not a BIG FAN of Tarts, you should try their other cakes like Chocolate Chip Muesli Bar and Blueberry Friand!:D 

Choco Banana Tart IDR 18.000,-
Cheese Cake Tart IDR 18.000,-

YES, this Choco Banana Tart became my favourite. Actually, i don't really like any type of cakes that containing bananas, but I love this one because the banana & chocolate flavors are balanced. 

Red Velvet Latte IDR 32.000,-

Skip for my favourite Hot Cafe Latte! Today, i've tried this pretty 'Red Velvet Latte'. A vibrant red and rich mocha latte fills my cup.

Hot Cappuccino IDR 32.000,- by using Tanamera beans

Taro Latte IDR 32.000,-

Just pretty with its latte art and eye-catching purple colour! But I prefer 'Red Velvet Latte' than this one because i'm not a big fan of Taro. ;)

Such a Pretty Latte Art

Finally, I can enjoy a good coffee with cozy ambience without having to travel more than 7 km from my home. Definitely would be comeback to try their brunch menu & other cakes also!:) I'm waiting for your Grand Opening soon 'Sicacilla' 

Italian Walk B43 (nearby Lobby 8-MOI)
Kelapa Gading Square
Soft Opening : Tues - Sun 10 am - 9 pm

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