13 Januari 2016


 After my fifth visit here, finally had time to write a short review about "The Caffeine Dispensary." A coffee culture is booming lately at Kelapa Gading area and this place became one of my primary alternative to sip a good coffee. It's quite easy to find if you are Kelapa Gading citizen because it's located next to "Bakmi Kofei." 

This place has been opened since September 2015.  "The Caffeine Dispensary" is not just a coffee shop but concentrate to roast their own coffee beans also. I love this place. it's simple and not so big but very comfortable with a lil touch of industrial concept, used mostly the white color and some small coffee tables with two seats only, so you can enjoy your "ME TIME" at here.:) 

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 30.000,-

This cup of Hot Cafe Latte was NICE brewed, loving the balance of the coffee and the steamed milk creating a lovely overall flavor of Brazilian coffee beans. Just FYI...The coffee bar equipped with three groups Strada from La Marzocco.:) 

Smores Hot Chocolate IDR 35.000,-

Smoked Beef and Cheese IDR 55.000,-

They have three options of croissant: plain with butter and jam ,  smoked beef & cheese and smoked chicken & cheese. But we prefer to ordered a Croissant Smoked Beef and Cheese at the time. Croissant was fluffy and not mushy, it tasted good as well in every bite.:)

Red Velvet Cupcake

Nothing really special about this one, maybe i'm not a big FAN also of cup cake.:p 

 FYI...usually they open for public for Coffee Cupping Session, so please be attention on their Instagram about this invitation, guys.:) Overall it's always good to be back here. Thanks Rio and Andri for your pleasant service as usually and of course your good coffee! 

Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blo O-1 No. 16
Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta
Ph : (021) - 4520109
Opening Hours : Tues - Sun : 11 am - 9 pm

4 Januari 2016


An eye-catching yellow ramyun eatery is in the town! This is "SINSA RAMYUN", another ramyun eatery that serving Korean instant noodle. They have two outlets at Muara Karang and Kemang area. Both outlets are just the same but Muara Karang outlet serves Pork and Kemang outlet serves no pork and no lard.

About few weeks ago, i've visited at Kemang area. The place is quite easy to find, just next to "LIN Artisan Ice Cream" and actually that's an old place that has been transformed from burger eatery to ramyun eatery. Kemang outlet has a spacious place and supported with live music performed on the weekend.

Mango Blended IDR 38.000,-

Sorry for bad lighting, but trust me this is highly recommended to order! Huge size to share and tasty mango blended with milk. So worthy to try, guys! YUMMMM...THANKS for refreshing my day off.:) 

Galbi Ramyun Dry with Beef Ribs IDR 54.000,-

I love this dry version of Korean ramyun with melting yolk and beef ribs. It has a nice elastic texture of Korean noodle and the toppings really made the combined flavors popping in my mouth. Just added the chili sauce to make it more enjoyable.:)

Galbi Ramyun Soup with Sliced Beef IDR 54.000,-
Additional Cheese IDR 10.000,-

This one is instant noodle topped with sliced beef in beef flavor soup and we added melted cheese on the top. But, It's out of my expectation, because I couldn't taste that cheese, it's quickly dissolved inside the soup.:( 

Overall it's a good place if you're craving for Korean instant noodle in a small portion!:D Delicious bowl of Ramyun, cold beer and live music is a perfect combo to enjoy your weekend at "SINSA RAMYUN - KEMANG."

Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
South Jakarta
Ph: (021) - 71793774
Website : www.sinsaramyun.com
Closed every Tuesday