26 Agustus 2015


It's my second time to visit Turkish Restaurant in Jakarta. The first time I've visited 'ANATOLIA' which's same management with 'Front Page' , one of my favorite Indian Restaurant in Jakarta. :) Let me share about this pretty place which's called 'WARUNG TURKI by TURKUAZ'. Yes, as we know that 'TURKUAZ' at Gunawarman area is one of the BEST Turkish Restaurant in Jakarta. BUT...don't underestimate first from its name because its far from my mind about 'warung'. This place's designed with pretty, artistic and unique interior.:) This place is divided into three floors with smoking and non - smoking area. Each floor is designed very attractive, although the second floor have a poor lighting, so I couldn't snap some good photos.:( The most I liked was on the third floor, yes...its indoor rooftop with amazing lighting in the afternoon.:D

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Turkish Delight

Turkish Tea IDR 40.000,-
Dana Etli Gozleme IDR 60.000,-

YUM! Delicious thin bread stuffed with home cooked minced beef and love these mini tomatoes also. :)

Dana Pide IDR 90.000,-

Dana Pide is a traditional Turkish thin bread topped with seasoned beef. There's also available another toppings with chicken, lamb, cheese or for vegetarian. Yes, all time favorite Turkish thin bread. LOVE it! 

Overall, it's a pleasant Turkish lunch at the time. Love all the foods, middle east ambience and also its quick services. :) Next time i'll come back to try another Turkish menu and still curious with Turkish signature dessert which's called 'Baklava'. THANKS Chef Sezai Zorlu for bringing authentic home cooking at 'WARUNG TURKI by TURKUAZ' :)

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 18A
Kemang, South Jakarta
Ph : (021) - 29055898
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10 am - 10 pm
                          Sat - Sun 10 am - 2 am

19 Agustus 2015


Sorry...almost forgot to post about this hidden coffee shop in PIK area. Actually i've visited 'PENNYROYAL COFFEE' since more than two months ago.:) I had my yummy spicy lunch first with my sister at new Manadonese Eatery, it's called 'ROA Manadonese Food'. It's finished at 2.30 pm and then craving for coffee and lil bite of cake. So, we've decided to try this new coffee shop, Incidentally, the location just behind of 'ROA',

First stepped into this place, i love this calm ambience with white-grey dominant colors. Just a small space, but it's designed simple and cozy with many black and white frames hanging on the wall. One of the most interesting thing's you could meet with an adorable puppy to welcome the guests, but unfortunately i didn't took its picture at the time.

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 34.000,-

Hot Cappuccino IDR 32.000,- 

LOVE both of Hot Latte and Cappuccino. So glad to enjoy 'Giyanti Coffee Beans' at here although the original coffee that served by Giyanti Coffee Shop is stronger than this one. Sorry i've forgot what's the name of this cake. But, still remember its moist texture and tasty, it's a right choice to be paired with my coffee.:) 

Ruko Cordoba F/29
PIK, North Jakarta
Ph      : (021) - 22510166
Email : pennyroyalcoffee@outlook.com
Opening Hours : Tue - Thu & Sun  09.30 - 18.00
                              Fri - Sat 09.30 - 18.30   

15 Agustus 2015


The cat stretch is a great exercise that helps to increase flexibility in the lower back and core muscles. This exercise can not only be used during warm-ups and cool-downs, but may also be effective as a rehabilitation exercise for people who have recently experienced an injury to the lower back. Be sure to perform the exercise in front of a mirror during the first few attempts in order to achieve optimal results and prevent injury.

About the Cat Stretch
The cat stretch is a great exercise that can be included in the warm-up or cool-down portion of your current exercise routine. This exercise targets the muscles in the lower back. Stretching these muscles can not only aid in the treatment of back pain, but may actually help in its prevention. When performing this stretch for the first time, consider finding a room with a large mirror that allows you to view your body. This will ensure that the stretch is performed properly, with little chance of injury.

Positioning Your Body for the Cat Stretch
Before you actually perform the cat stretch, it is important to position your body properly. Start by finding a room that has a large mirror. Pilates studio is great examples of places that this pose should be practiced during the first few attempts. Clear a large area on the floor, and set down a exercise mat. Come down onto the floor on all fours, making sure your knees are under your hips with your shins placed firmly on the ground. Look down at your hands. They should be placed directly under your shoulders with your fingers spaced widely apart and facing forward. Look down at the space between your hands. You should be in a flat tabletop position in a straight line from your head to your tailbone.

Performing the Cat Stretch
Now that you are positioned properly, you can begin to perform the cat stretch. Start by taking a deep breath. As you exhale, use the muscles in your core to push your belly towards your spine, curving your back toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for a count of 10. Inhale and slowly exhale, arch your back, let your belly relax and go loose. Lift your head and tailbone up towards the sky without putting any unnecessary pressure on your neck.  Repeat this maneuver another two to three times in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity of the Cat Stretch
As with most stretches, the best way to increase the intensity is through a combination of holding the stretch for a longer period of time and increasing the distance that the muscles are stretched. Each time that you perform this stretch, try to push your spine a bit higher towards the ceiling. In addition, with every performance of this stretch, try to hold it for another two or three seconds. When stretching, be sure to use common sense. Don't stretch to the point of pain, as this can cause serious injury.

Jl. Boulevard Raya QJ3 No.22-23
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
(021) 45842008/9
Email : enqueries@mail.bodyconnection-pilates.com
Facebook : BodyConnect Pilates