18 Juni 2015


ATTENTION PLEASE!:) Good news for Kelapa Gading citizens, especially for coffee addict like me because now we've another option besides 'TOF Sicacilla', 'Kopium Artisan Coffee' and 'Coffee Tree'. YES...welcoming 'Six Ounces Coffee' to satisfy our cravings for GOOD COFFEE! It's just opened since June, 6th 2015 but they don't just serve a good coffee but also supported a homey & cozy ambience, pretty interior, nice songs and absolutely very pleasant services.:) This place is owned by Mr. Ariel Giovanni & Mrs. Mellisa Susanto, they're such a humble and friendly owners, glad to meet with them at the moment. 

They named with 'Six Ounces Coffee' from the ideal size of Cappuccino, usually a traditional cappuccino has a very exacting recipe composed of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foam. It's such a good idea.:) The most happy is glad to enjoy 'Giyanti Coffee Beans' at here, besides that they use also 'Common Grounds Coffee Beans'. 

Mini Coffee Bar

I love how they decorate this place with a dominant wooden furniture imported from Java area. Besides that, we could find some vintage unique stuffs at this place. I also like the coffee bar menu board, it's unique and like with that i've found last time at 'Spumante All Day Dining', Menteng.

Unique Coffee Table

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 30.000,-

It's not as strong as that usually served at Giyanti Coffee Shop but still presented with good balance of cafe latte.

Hot Cappuccino IDR 30.000,-

Orange Coco Lychee IDR 32.000,-

Good choice on this sunny day. Very refreshing mocktails in a worthy portion.:) They have another five mocktails to choose, but I prefer this one because it didn't contain with soda.

Death by Chocolate IDR 28.000,-

Overall this place is highly recommended to visit. Next time surely comeback to try the other cakes and hopefully the kitchen which's still under construction will be finished soon, so they'll serve some kinds of meals also.:) Once again, THANKS 'Six Ounces Coffee' for bringing a good coffee with cozy atmosphere in Kelapa Gading area.  

Jl. Gading Indah Raya Blok NB No.1
(Opposite of Fave Hotel)
Ph : 081295592233
Opening Hours : Tue - Sun 10 am - 9 pm


16 Juni 2015

GASTROMAQUIA - From Madrid to Jakarta

Congratulation 'GASTROMAQUIA' for the grand opening on last May, 29th 2015. Actually, i've visited this place on last April, which's still soft opening. I liked since I first saw the exterior with dominant white colour. This place separated into two floors.  I always liked the eatery with a lot of windows but on the second floor, it's lil bit hot and so shine, so i prefer to had my lunch on the first floor.:) 

Hugo Ecolios Roldan and Ramon Figuls palos are the founder of 'GASTROMAQUIA' in Madrid since 2008. 'GASTROMAQUIA' has been awarded Tripadvisors's Certificate of Excellence for three years in row and has consistently been ranked among the top 50 restaurants in Madrid, Spain. But lil bit surprised with the menu because unlike 'Plan B Bistro' & 'Porqueno',  both are the Spanish eatery too which's more options in the menu.  

Kiwi Lemonade IDR 32.000,-

Love this one! Very refreshing kiwi and lemon in one glass. Perfect choice to beat this hot day, guys!;)

Classic Lemonade IDR 28.000,-

Just like an ordinary lemonade which's  too damn sour for me, so I prefer the first one Kiwi Lemonade. 

Gastromaquia Salad IDR 55.000,-

Delish house salad from 'GASTROMAQUIA' mixed with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, edamame, mashed cashew nuts, and house special dressing. Pretty healthy food to consumed. :) 

Garlic Noodle IDR 55.000,-

Gastromaquia Spare Ribs w/ Fragrant Rice IDR 129.000,-

Two thumbs up for this one! The taste exceeded my expectations.  Love this tender, juicy and lil bit crispy of pork meat and the tasty sauce also.  It's served with fragrant rice also. GOOD for truly indonesian, right?!;)

Chocolate Mousse w/ Olive Oil & Seasalt IDR 55.000,-

I'm a big fan of dessert, but it's not my favourite kind of dessert. Maybe I should try the other signature dessert on next time. :)

Overall, it's a good spot to visit with homey ambience, comfort food and affordable price. But, maybe it should be add more options on the menu list, especially authentic Spanish cuisines like tapas, paellas, and etc. :)

Jl. Ciniru I No. 1, Senopati
South Jakarta
Ph : (021) - 29305091
Website : www.gastromaquia.com
Opening Hours : Sun - Thu : 11.30 - 22.00
                             Fri - Sat     : 11.30 - 00.00