25 November 2015


I passed this spot that still under construction in few months ago. YES.."THE HOOK" is a new  in Senopati area, located the right side at Jl. Suryo, Senopati. You’ll spot the building with a large enough space with a large parking area, high ceiling and good lighting because full of glass windows. I bet the place would look better with sunlight coming through those giant glass windows.;) 

This place's designed with minimal decoration and mural on the brick wall. The special menu here is serving finest fusion seafood cuisines with their the best Grouper from Arafura Sea.  So, when we're getting bored with pasta or steak menu as usual, "THE HOOK" could be another option for dining experience. :)

The Hook Aglio Olio IDR 89.000,-

Here's the new style of Aglio Olio with Groupers on the top in decent portion! The grouper was delicious but the pasta was too dry for me. This should be made more oily.

Fisherman Fried Rice IDR 55.000,-

This is the winner of the day. It's not an ordinary fried rice like usually. Fisherman Fried Rice served with sunny side up, prawns, vegetables and tomatoes slices, also Indonesian crackers that's "Emping Melinjo". The fried rice was well cooked and taste was bold. This one became my favourite fried rice besides the Flagship Rainbow Rice from "TYPOLOGY".:) 

Lemonade Pineapple Smoothies IDR 35.000,-

Nothing much from this one. Just an ordinary freshly cold beverage but it's not my favourite, maybe should try the other option. 

Overall, this place is a good idea for lunch, dinner, or having a special event with your family or friends.  FYI..they have a private room also, so it's a good alternative for private gathering. So, are you ready to get HOOKED with the Finest Grouper from Arafura Sea?:) 

Thanks for reading!:)

Jl. Cikatomas No. 35
Senopati, South Jakarta
Ph : (021) - 27513528
Website : www.thehook.co.id

12 November 2015


Yesterday's Wednesday and let me forget awhile about South Jakarta because the damn traffic jam on weekdays. -_-! So, we're heading to Serpong area as another alternative.:D Lately, many coffee shops have popped up before including "Turning Point" as a first comer, "Scandinavian Coffee" and "Tanamera Coffee" in Serpong area. The latest open is "Daily Press" and "Asagao Coffee", but yesterday I was interested to visit "Asagao" first.:) I fell in love with the ambiance at the first sight.
The bright, beautiful lighting and interior,  It’s really is a good place to relax and enjoy your calming coffee, so to speak.:D

Hot Latte IDR 30.000,-

Look at this pretty cup. It's an unusual cup at coffee shop, maybe it's the typically cup in Japan.:p Actually, it's such a pretty detail of this Latte art but I prefer a stronger tasty than this one. So..please more add some shot into my latte...:(

Kuniko IDR 40.000,-

If you are looking for something refreshing, not too strong coffee and lil sweet, yes... Kuniko is a good idea. A fresh and cold milk and honey in a big glass served with one shot an espresso gonna be your moodbooster. Just pour it all the way, make sure to mix it well together and enjoy this refreshment beverage!:) 

Ovomaltine Doughnut IDR 28.000,-

Actually, they have another various kinds of doughnuts like Red Velvet, Milo, Oreo, then i chose Ovomaltine.:) It's pretty good with chewy texture and tasty topping of Ovomaltine..YUMMY.. FYI guys.. u can enjoy one assorted doughnut +  a cup of Hot Latte by spending IDR 50.000,- only, it's called All Day Break package. 

Absolutely my recommended new place to have a little break if you come to Serpong area. Cozy place, beautiful lighting and pleasant service.:) But, hopefully, they'll be serve a stronger coffee also.:D  Couldn't wait for my second visit!

Ruko Graha Boulevard A N.9
Tangerang, Banten - 15810
Ph : 0882-1111-0101
IG : @asagao.coffee
Opening Hours : Mon - Thu, Sun   10 am - 9 pm
                              Fri - Sat                10 am - 10 pm

3 November 2015


Finally, i've found a good coffee in Senopati area. As we know that, almost once a month, there's always a new spot to visit in Senopati but still hard to find a good coffee. This place's already opened since August 29th 2015 and still in soft opening period when i came at the first time. This place is the right next to "Crematology". Yes, both of them are the coffee shop but "Crematology" is not my type of coffee, so...since i've tried "Kanawa Coffee", hmm..shortly to say that their coffee has stolen my heart.:) 

Talking about this place. Actually, it's quite big with first floor for non smoking area and the second floor for smoking area. But, the  atmosphere and the minimalist design is not my favourite because it feels empty in this room. But besides that, ""Kanawa" has a really good lighting, guys to capture some great photos!: ) Thank to use a glass door and many windows around this area.

Hot Cafe Latte IDR 35.000,-

Iced Caramel Latte IDR 42.000,- 

Both of Hot Latte and Iced Caramel Latte were good! The amount of coffee and milk given was just perfect, I didn't find it too light nor too strong and the caramel flavour really put the effort in balancing everything, at the end, it was GOOD. :)

Matcha Cake IDR 35.000,-

Actually, i'm not a fan of Matcha, but let me try this one and it's good enough for me with a soft texture and not too strong matcha flavour. It's a good choice!:)   

Crepes Apple Crumble IDR 36.000,-

I preferably choose this crepes than matcha cake. It feels SO GOOD as it looks. This one is highly recommended to order. I love the texture, sweet crumble and mix with sour flavour from the apple. All the variety flavour's perfect when added with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. OMG....droolingggg... :(

They're not only serve coffee & cakes, but also provide some breakfast and lunch menu along with several options of cakes. Surely comeback again and  next time maybe I should try their "Seared Beef" for brunch menu.:)

Jl. Suryo No. 23
Senopati, South Jakarta
Opening Hours : Monday - Thursday   09.00 - 22.00
                              Friday - Saturday      09.00 - 24.00
                              Sunday                        07.00 - 22.00
Website : www.coffeekanawa.com